King Kaka

Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka was yesterday asked by the DCI to record a statement over claims he had been summoned to their offices.

He turned up with a crowd including activist Boniface Mwangi and fellow artistes, only for the DCI to fail to process him after saying they had not summoned him.

King Kaka claimed that someone called his manager, telling him,

“Tunajua pahali uko, kuja.”

The DCI told the artiste to report the person whom he claims summoned him via a call.

‘Don’t look for publicity via our platform’ DCI warns King Kaka, denies summons claims

King Kaka

Mwangi tweeted

“The @DCI_Kenya instructed @RabbitTheKing to report the person that summoned him at Muthaiga Police Station.

He has reported and @NPSOfficial_KE@PoliceKE have promised to investigate whoever called and summoned him. He has been issued with Occurence Book (OB) number 42/17/12/19.”

DCI through their twitter account had earlier denied summoning King Kaka.

“We wish to condemn strongly false information being peddled through social media to the effect that one Kennedy Ombima @RabbitTheKing has been summoned. Nobody from @DCI_Kenya .has summoned him.”

Further, they warned him against looking for publicity via their platform.

“Anybody wishing for publicity should be warned to desist from using the @DCI_Kenya as platform in seeking media attention,” they tweeted.

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Mwangi had taken to social media to ask Kenyans and fellow artistes to show up at the DCI offices in solidarity with the artiste.

“I have spoken to @RabbitTheKing and he informs me that @DCI_Kenya have summoned him,” he tweeted.

His friends, fellow artistes and Kenyans of goodwill are joining him at DCI Headquarters, Kiambu Road, at 12pm.

If you’re able to join us, see you there. #IstandWithKingKaka #WaiguruSuesKingKaka.” 

Gospel artiste Wahu Mathenge was among artistes who had gone to the DCI to show their support for King Kaka.

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Speaking outside the DCI offices, Wahu said,

“I think we are in a democratic country and King Kaka was expressing his democratic rights as everyone should be allowed to do without intimidation.”


“Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. This is the only way Kenya will be rid of corruption.

We cannot sit down and pretend. We put these people in office and we pay their salary, so they should deliver.”

Nameless also stated that he was on his way to show support.

“Namaliza hapa Korogocho nakuja. Shikilia hapo hapo!!!”

Miguna Miguna also joined the movement, saying that revolutionary ideas like that of King Kaka cannot be intimidated.

“King Kaka: Stand firm. Kennedy Ombima is a person but King Kaka and #WajingaNyinyi are REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS.

Ideas cannot be intimidated or threatened. Finally, an illegitimate and corrupt regime like Despot Uhuru Kenyatta’s must be fought fearlessly.



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