Dr. Ofweneke suddenly left Ebru TV and went with his whole idea to his new home at KTN alongside his co-host DJ Creme. Rumors went out that they were not paid much and he decided to seek greater heights and greater pay.

Chipukeezy on the other hand, had made a huge public announcement that he was set to be a radio presenter at the morning show in Radio Maisha. He surprised us with a post a few weeks ago saying he will not be there. Why? Well rumors were that he was out in America enjoying his time instead of working and so he was fired before he was even hired.

Moto kama pasi! Has Chipukeezy been fired before even being hired at Radio Maisha?


It did not take him that long and he has a new home at Ebru TV where he will be replacing Dr. Ofweneke in a comedy show. His show is all branded his name ‘Chipukeezy show’ talk about PR!

All we can do is wish him good luck this time round!