Willy Paul and Harmonize
Willy Paul and Harmonize

Harmonize and Willy Paul just released a song and it is doing great on the interwebs already scooping over 500,000 views in a day.

Remember, Willy Paul saying he wants to work with Wasafi Records? Well, we actually saw it come to life.

Willy Paul released a song, Pilipili and surprised us with a remix just the other day featuring Harmonize from Wasafi records.

Willy Paul and Harmonize
Willy Paul and Harmonize

‘Just joined the club’ Has Willy Paul officially joined wasafi?

The song is surprisingly in Harmonize’s YouTube page and we thought well, it is the brotherhood vibe where Willy Paul and the team sat down with Harmonize and team and talked about the strategy of making the song a hit.

But that was not enough, Willy Paul may have hoped that Harmonize’s huge fanbase would help push the song’s statistics further up. But wapi?

Shock on him!

Willy Paul has posted on his Instagram a complaint presumably aimed towards Harmonize because he has put the video of their remix to Pilipili with the caption:

“This is so sad! Honestly speaking, let’s not be people who are just after using others. Let’s learn to support. And if we agree to support then let’s do it wholeheartedly… it’s a small world we are living in you might be at the top today but remember. Tomorrow is not guaranteed… learn to live with people! #tafakari.”

Is there trouble in the paradise of collabos?

The effort from Willy Paul to publicize the video is real as compared to what Harmonize has done for the collabo.

What confused us was the end part of the comment saying:

Before I forget, thank you to the whole @wcb_wasafi @[email protected] @sallam_sk for letting me feature @harmonize_tz in the song #pilipiliremix