Reverend Timothy Njoya is the current talk of the town.

Timothy Njoya

The retired Minister of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and a leading advocate for justice and human rights in Kenya, has written a book titled ‘DIVINITY OF THE CLITORIS’ that has sent tongues wagging.

“Please we can negotiate how you can publish my 600 page Book on the DIVINITY OF THE CLITORIS for men like you to respect the female anatomy as made in God’s image. “, Njoya posted on Twitter.

The post ignited mixed reactions and here is what Kenyans had to say about his new book.


Betty: Many practitioners are women themselves. They need to read this. That will change the cultural attitudes not patronizing them.

Kip: Timothy Njoya has totally lost his mind??? the beatings he got during Nyayo regime must have made him bananas

Waitherero: These clergymen, church fathers, imams, sheikhs need to give young men sex education. People are dscovering Clitoris coz of Rev.Njoya! ???

Patrick: Rev. I don’t understand how a human body part can be DIVINE.

Zak: Retirement boredom can drive one crazy #TimothyNjoya

Mzee: Not sure if to read under the table or in a confined place. My conscience is killing me

Ian: Staaaaap this. At least Timothy Njoya knows where the Clit is…Half of you don’t even know what It is

Realist: There’s one guy I have respected all through my life and thats #TimothyNjoya. he has done alot more than some politicians who are there

Konzi: Timothy Njoya, being a man of the church, is giving Kenyans a glimpse of what to expect in Canaan ???

Nelly: The absurdity of Kenyans. It’s your body and you are scared of using its correct name like it’s a sin. How can you be helped.

Walter: At first I thot the “Reverend” suffered technological auto-correction. He actually meant CLITORIS. Am yet to make out what he was conveying

Simeon: People have all of a sudden become sensitive because of an erotic book, or is it a book about an erotic part of the human anatomy, CLITORIS?

Owen: We should learn to call things by their real name. I see nothing wrong with the title of your book

Timothy Njoya: Why do Men feel shortaged God didn’t give them uterus and clitoris yet their prostatic utilicle is uterus and penis is clitoris.

Nyawira: I hope and pray that Reverend Njoya will be in Canaan???

Njuguna: Timothy Njoya, Master of the 24,000 nerves, Sensei and the protector of the Clitoric Realm. ?????

Timothy Njoya replied to the women who criticised him and here is his response;

“Telling me “shame on you” and that could find a better word than CLITORIS. You are a woman.Send me that better word if you know it.”