Young personalities are making CEO moves. Serah Teshna who is known to many as comedian Churchill’s wife is building a mansion.

The TV actress and host of a beauty show, was thrust into the limelight when she played the role of Churchill’s wife during the inaugural Laugh Festival that hosted top African comedians back in 2017.

Since them the actress has bagged lucrative acting roles like in Sue Na Jonnie.The money seems to be rolling in.

Being the wise woman she is, she has invested it in  securing a home for herself and her family.

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Serah considers herself a go-getter. Her ferocious appetite for success has seen her rub shoulders with the who is who in this town.

“They say you can be anything in this world. I choose to be The Lioness (The Go-Getter) ????. I’m coming for everything they said I’ll never get. Watch me,” Serah wrote on her social media pages.

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Check out photos of the incomplete mansion that Serah Teshna shared with her fans.

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