Mwalimu King'ang'i

Mwalimu Kingangi has come to the defence of Kenyan men on why they would NEVER marry their wives if they were given a second chance in life.

According to Kenyan men, most would rather remain single than allow themselves kukaliwa chapati.

‘It’s like being taken back to form one, getting remarried takes time.

There are ladies who put rules and laws, making men’s life unbearable.

When someone talks about a will hata wewe unaambiwa uandike yako.’

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According to Mwalimu Kingangi most men suffer in silence because as men they are expected to put on a brave face all the time.

“You cannot report to a police station and you can’t talk to anyone about it.

Those men are like lice which has been smashed to a wall.

If men had to make another choice on whether to marry their wives again most would not.’

Mwalimu added that despite the brave faces men put up some live a miserable live, being controlled by their wives.

‘There are ladies who are a headache,you look fat but ulishakonda nakuisha kitambo.

Don’t you see how some politicians are beaten by their wives.


Your problem is that you always pretend to forget, all of us are there.

Don’t you remember when (Mwai Kibaki) had to call a press conference just to clarify that he had one wife?’

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