Seven months after an Ethiopian Boening 737 Max crashed , the plane carrying the remains of 28 Kenyans who landed at JKIA on Monday morning.

At least 32 Kenyans were on board in the Boeing 737-Max Ethiopian plane during the March 10 tragedy, which killed 157 passengers.

The families of the victims of the crash were at JKIA early in the morning waiting for clearance.

Hearses were lined up at the VIP gate.

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Families of Ethiopian crash victims
families of Ethiopian crash victims overcome by grief as they wait to receive their remains
A woman holds the portrait of his family member who died in the Ethiopian plane crash in March 2019
Remains of the Ethiopian plane crash victims

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A preliminary report released in April indicated that the Ethiopian Airlines pilots wrestled with a computer system that repeatedly ordered the nose down because of faulty sensor data.

The same system was a focus of the preliminary report into the October Lion Air crash in Indonesia, which killed 189 people.

The Ethiopian Airlines Corporate Communications Director Asrat Begashaw said there were 33 nationalities on board.

The Boeing 737 passenger jet, which was new, is said to have had 149 passengers and eight crew on board.

Below are some photos who passed away in the ill fated plane crash.

1. Stella Obese

Stella died alongside her son Adam.

woman and son in ethiopian airline 2


2. Hussein Swalleh

Swalleh was a Kenyan Football Administrator.

The late Swalleh
The late Hussein Swalleh

3. Tony Ngare

Tony was an employee of Standard Group, where he served as the sub editor for the Pulse magazine.

Anthony ngare

4. Jonathan Seex

He was the CEO of Tamarind Hotel.

Tamarind CEO Jonathan Seex

5. Brig.Gen (RTD) George G Kabugi

He was  the General Manager Security Services for Kenya Airports Authority.

George Kabugi

6. Ms Juliet Otieno

She was the acting General Manager Human Resource Development for Kenya Airports Authority (KAA).

Ms Juliet Otieno

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