Weeks after the burial of Tecra Muigai the Keroche heiress, her lover Omar Lali is still languishing in jail arrested in connection to her death.

The late Tecra is reported to have fallen down a flight of stairs in a cottage rented in Lamu.

She was treated for her injuries but unfortunately succumbed to them.

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Tecra MuigaiAutopsy reports reveal that she hit the left side of a head which lead to her death.

Now, Omar’s kid brother, Quswai Lali Omar, is demanding for the brothers release.

Quswali tweeted, “Release My Brother Omar!! A good caring Dad and Our Mentor!! He has been always good to us including the late Tecra Muigai. May Almighty Protect you and come back home safe!!”

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Quswai describes himself as the eleventh child of Lali Family. He works at Peponi Hotel in Lamu and is a capenter by profesion.

Besides Omar’s brother, his pal Mohamed Bin Shaib, a freelance journalist also tweeted,

“Although you are behind the bars, We still wish you a Happy Eid Mubarack! Be strong and keep smiling!!! The President Of Love!!”

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