Nairobi Thief

Nairobi is a great city full of wonderful people.

But there are some people in the capital who drag us behind or rather have some weird characters that leave the rest of Kenyans with a bad misconception about Nairobians.

These types of people have a bad reputation.

Are you one of them?

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Well, from landlords to hawkers who hawk their products in matatus, here are the most annoying people you will ever come across in Nairobi.

  1. Hawkers

Hawkers have turned public service vehicles into hawking grounds. They will hawk anything starting from foodstuffs to even underwears.

Kwani Muthurwa, Ngara and other open-air markets zilifungwa? Kidero stop sleeping on your job and tell the men in yellow to do their job!


These hawkers will force you to buy their products and failure to do that, they insult you. They need to be reminded that public service vehicles are for transporting passengers and not a marketplace.

Same to preachers!

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2. Landlords and caretakers

Landlords are the most annoying creatures in Nairobi. They will laugh with you but when you delay paying rent, they will lock you out and don’t care where you spend the nights.

He will meet you at Mugithi night and embarrass you if you haven’t paid rent ‘Otieno unapesa ya kununua fobe lakini huwezi lipa rent. Leo haulali hapa. Naenda kuweka padlock kwa murago. *insert Mbugua wa faiba’s voice*’.

And Caretakers pressuring you to pay rent as if they own the houses. Badilisheni tabia priss


3. People who carry guitars everywhere they go

I’m I the only one who finds these wannabe artistes walking around with guitars annoying? They are everywhere.

Whenever you see them they are always serious, dressed up and one may think that they are going to perform at Uhuru Kenyatta’s son’s wedding or they are about to share a stage with Rick Ross only to find them later in the day chilling on the city council benches somewhere near Hilton hotel.

Wacheni kutubeba ufala!

4. Secretaries/Receptionists

It doesn’t matter whether they work in a bank, hospital, private/public corporates or not. They have an attitude for days. Most of them dress in mini skirts (seems it’s their dress code) and high heels and will catwalk around swinging her hips from side to side just to intimidate you. Most of them always have funny looking eyebrows as if they use crayons to draw them. Be courteous, please!

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5. Club bouncers

I have never seen stupid people like club bouncers. They harass revellers at night clubs and some are brutal and reckless. Bust basically all they are are ego’s on steroids.

They pretend to be the best security yet they can’t even fight a lion. All they do is show off their masculine bodies in tight shirts. Mnakuwanga na Ujinga sana!

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