Kenyan transgender Letoya Johnstone has some advice for upcoming models.

Letoya Johnstone
Letoya Johnstone with Akothee’s daughter during a past modeling event

The runway model trainer says the local industry is not for the faint-hearted and it’s full of cruel people.

Letoya Johnstone has gone through a lot and recently he revealed that he was called ugly during a live interview on radio.

‘I was told that I was TOO UGLY for radio during an interview’, cries out distressed Kenyan homosexual (PHOTOS)

“I am going to put this in a humble way that anyone can understand. More so to the models in Kenya!,” he wrote in part.

Letoya Johnstone went ahead to talk about the rejection he faces in the industry.

“First of all, this is how I work,

1. I do not mix my personal issues with work. I may not be in good terms with a person over our own issues but that will not mean that I won’t hire them for the work in the next minute even if we are not in good terms. Why? This is because my clients come first and I give everyone opportunity. I mean everyone. My business does not know hate, anger or retaliation. Thank you.!

2. We are all human beings and at some point, our roads may cross in the wrong way. Am not perfect neither is the other person. Don’t hold grudges but gratitude. Try and solve issues if there is but if it can’t be solved, do not let anger and bad blood over boil between you two. The people you block today may need your services tomorrow or vice versa.

3. Do not refer to your fellow models or Kenyans by their ethnic groups. It is not healthy. These are individuals you are dealing with. Show a great respect and love. We are not politicians. We are models and should be peace ambassadors and brands. We are all Kenya.

Letoya Johnstone

4. Resiliency and promoting humane behaviour is worth more than the genius. Learn to see the good in people and help others correct wrongs. This way we shall grow and when our industry is big and 80% healthy then we are liberated. Everyone needs positive energy around them.

5. This industry is a cutthroat jungle. In fact, it is so large that you can’t handle it alone, and everyone was not raised the way you were raised hence diversity should be embraced. Learn to, or try and understand people and where they are coming from. You may not agree with them but remember, everyone was raised differently and denominations are also different. Learn to accept or coexist with the difference in others.

6. Rejection is the order of the day in this entertainment industry. People will have their favourites and groups will be formed. It is not hate . In this industry it is all about you are either eaten or you eat others. You will never match in all these groups. Just be you and learn from the ” No ” you are getting. Maybe one day it will bring out it.”

Letoya, is a bold man and is never afraid of speaking out his mind.

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