Kambua makes a comeback on Rauka after giving birth

Gospel singer Kmabua is looking gorgeous after giving birth.

The mother of one, has for the first time revealed that she gave birth through Caesarian section (Cs) though she didn’t give more details.

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The Rauka show host also revealed that she’s still recovering from the surgery, saying it takes time for the scar to heal.

This is me thanking God that I can fit into one of my pre-preggers dresses🤣. My body has changed ALOT and I am embracing it all. I stretched in ways I never knew were possible! Isn’t God amazing? And then went through a CS (story for another day). Recovering from it is not a joke! I have chosen to be kind to myself. Giving myself the time I need to heal, and also to nurture my toto. I haven’t even told you about the edges I’ve lost because of breastfeeding! But I have no regrets. It’s all been worthwhile. Next year I will think about diets and workouts. (That baby pouch will need to go)😅. But for now I’m counting my blessings, enjoying the chubby cheeks and snug clothes lol.

Of late several plus size or rather women who’ve gained weight especially after giving birth have been body-shamed online.


Talking about it, Kambua told off cyberbullies.

Also, please be kind to your friends’ postpartum. There’s SO much pressure to “snap back”, without considering that being alive after birthing a child is a miracle in itself. Watu wa, “umenona”, please have several seats over there…’

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In another post, she wrote a special prayer to God, thanking him for everything.

You know why we smile? Not because the road is easy, but because even through the fiery trials, the grace of God carries us! If people opened up and shared half of the things they’re going through, you’d be shocked at how heavy some of the burdens are. Oh but grace! It makes all the difference. Knowing that God has built in you the capacity to endure whatever comes. If you’re feeling tempted to give up, don’t! If you’re consumed by fear and anxiety, be sure that is NOT the voice of God. May you hear Him above the noise and chaos. He says to be still. Be still and know that He is God! He is faithful. And He has never failed me yet.

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Throwback! Here are a few things I miss about being pregnant 🤰🏾, as well as what I DON'T miss 😅 1. I miss being able to eat food without people judging my portions 😂 2. I miss being offered a seat wherever I went, or ushered to the front of the line 3. I miss my husband rubbing my feet 4. I miss not having to suck in my tummy when taking pictures 😅 5. I really miss my baby's kicks 🥰 ——————————————————- 1. I DON'T miss being hungry all the time 2. I don't miss being very sleepy all day 3. I don't miss having to sleep with so many pillows! 4. I don't miss turning around like a truck in my sleep 5. I don't miss all day sickness in my first tri. 6. I don't miss the anxiety of constantly wondering if baby is ok . . . That's not an exhaustive list, but I'm curious to know what you miss or don't miss about being pregnant 🤰🏾. Your turn 💁🏾‍♀️

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