First of all, my text from Safaricom came in at 2.51PM today (you most probably understand the shock that hit me when I thought I was breaking the news to people who had already received the same text a full 24hrs before!)

Secondly, I was surprised at what the text meant. So surprised was I that I had to read it twice before embarrassing myself before my colleagues. I thought I was breaking the news when I shouted, “Haaaiya! Have you received this text from Safcom?”

“Cheers baba. Naona ume catch up!” replied Eugene, my deskmate who uses the latest words trending on Kenyan social media. I later came to understand what he meant by “Cheers baba” but that’s a story for another day.

The text read,

“Tunukiwa Daily na Safaricom. You can call for as low as Ksh 2/- every day across all local networks. Just dial *444# everyday from your Safaricom line utunikiwe”

With my curiosity, I dialed *444# and discovered what Safaricom are trying to do. It was clear! They understood that I’m looking for a product that will offer value and affordability based on my lifestyle.

I was presented with 3 offers – Voice, Data and SMS – all based on my usage and valid until midnight. Mind you, the offer is very attractive.

Enyewe, kila siku ni siku njema na Tunukiwa! Have a look at what I’m talking about!