A truck on a campaign "walk of my life" which is against negative tribalism in Kenya led by Jaffer Issac in Nairobi area on May 22,2014.Photofile
  1. When you leave the country, you don’t identify with your tribe. Tribalism dies off. Nobody goes to America and tells them “Mimi ni Giriama”
  2. It doesn’t make sense for parents to judge you when marrying from another tribe… but when you bring a foreigner home….. “We are conquering other countries”. Kweli hatujipendi.
  3. When it comes to athletics, we all become Kenyans…. When it comes to domestic affairs…… “Our people are being targeted”
  4. When you judge someones character based on historical political events to justify your stereotypes. “Alimaliza ugali yote kwa buffet? Ni mluhya?”
  5. When you talk ill of your colleague in mother-tongue because they can’t understand it, yet you are a team that needs to get work done.
  6. When you pledge allegiance to a politician who subtly promotes hate against another ethnic group, but behind closed doors he/she is making business deals with the leaders from other ethnic groups.
  7. When you offer water to your Kamba friend, when you buy your Luo friend an English dictionary, when you buy your Kikuyu friend a wallet, when you buy for a Kalenjin rubber shoes, when you send banana cake to your Kisii friend on his birthday, when you gift your Luhya friend with a thermos… get the drift? Be considerate in your gifting.

    Okay, I joke

  8. When you treat Indians differently, yet they were instrumental in building our nation. (Who helped in the railway construction again?)

    Pamoja tuangamize ukabila