Otile Brown vs Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika served us Kenyans with more dirt from her closet, Eminem-style. The socialite has embarrassed, shamed, humiliated and demeaned her former boyfriend Otile on social media.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

Yesterday she revealed to us that the “Baby Love” singer had a small msolokombo and that he was terrible in bed. And she even provided screenshots to prove her case.

Vera even said she resorted to touching herself because Otile could n’t satisfy her!

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The most shocking claim and they were many was that Otile Brown was a 10-second man, one pump chump in American Lingo! Need a better description?

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And while I am not defending his allegedly appalling performance in bed, I have some theories about why he may go as hard and fast as a champagne cork:

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They are:

He is a Kenyan Patriot focused on contributing to the “economy”?

Mwanamme ni effort. How are you going to make enough money for the government to over-tax you? You can’t be smashing 24/7. Lazima iwe quick!

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The “economy” must be built!

Vera is a great teacher (10,000 hours of practice makes you an Olympian)?

For someone of ahem…cough…cough…Vera’s self-proclaimed expertize any normal man would struggle to keep up with her. I think Otile must have been shocked at the difference between the two when he finally sampled the plastic goods that Queen Vee was offering.

Vera and Otile
The bootiful photo

He most likely looked like a virgin while dealing with Grand Master Vera.

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Otile did not care one bit about Vera’s pleasure

I think this is the most plausible theory. To become a star one must be in love with themselves. Look at the time he puts into his body, that is a man who is in love with his own reflection(I can’t blame him).

Otile Brown

Now add a narcissist like Vera into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. The thing is did Vera even pleasure Otile or was it his job to do everything?

Vera the accomplished socialite

All my theories depend on Vera’s firsthand account about her intimate details with Otile being completely true. Call me cynical but I don’t believe her whole(small in Otile’s case) account. Hell hath no fury like a Vera scorned.

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