Anyang Nyong'o

Anyang Nyong’o divulged some hilarious tidbits recently when he addressed journalists in Kisumu. The Kisumu governor humorously explained his predicament that a certain slay queen that had been sending him explicit photos and raunchy messages, especially at night.

Anyang' Nyong'o
Anyang’ Nyong’o

He said according to the Nairobian::

I never gave her my number. I even don’t know who she is, yet she kept tormenting me at night with love messages.

He added:

I blocked her number but after a few months, she resurfaced with her rude and nude pictures and romantic messages. The police didn’t get back to me on their findings, so I don’t know if they inherited her.

Anyang Nyong'o
With his wife Dorothy

But don’t most men enjoy being sent for nudes by women? Yes, they do! I said it! At least the honest ones I know will admit it. Would any red-blooded male complain about it?

Team-Mafisi. photo credit: oyungapala


Not many. Most would welcome the nudes but the Kisumu governor is unlike most men and went to the police about the “harassment”. Why would he do it? I have some theories:

As a politician, he has to be wary of men like Wazir Chacha

Wazir became infamous in Kenya when it was alleged that he was sending nudes to politicians. What was his motive? Blackmail? Who knows but it is best to be careful if you are in Nyong’o’s shoes.

Wazir Chacha

He is a smart man

Nyong’o knows that women never do anything without them benefiting. So why would a woman send you the most precious thing in her arsenal? Her sexuality? There must be a price to pay and it most likely isn’t good.

The governor has witnessed another governor embroiled in scandal after being involved with a young woman

Okoth Obado is in a mess after his affair with Sharon Otieno. He is now being investigated for her murder.

Sharon Otieno and Okoth Obado
Sharon Otieno and Okoth Obado

Maybe Nyong’o thought it best to come clean about potential blackmailers before they could sink their teeth in him and not be like his Migori counterpart.

What do you think is the reason?

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