A female matatu conductor

Yesterday President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that the cessation of movement in and out of Nairobi had been lifted to the excitement of many.

It was news many Kenyans had been waiting for. However, here is why Nairobians should wait a little longer before travelling upcountry.

1-Fare hike

Everyone is planning on travelling thus there will be a hike in fare.

Why rush when you can wait till everything calms down.


There is a mentality among people living upcountry that Covid-19 is only affecting people in Nairobi.

There is a chance of stigmatization if people assume utawaletea ugonjwa.

3– Pressure

We all know that people are going through financial difficulties, but it’s easier hustling in Nairobi than upcountry.

There might be pressure for you to provide despite the fact that you might be jobless.

4- Risk of picking up the virus

It’s hard to know who has it or doesn’t have the virus. Travelling upcountry poses a risk to the villagers or even yourself in contracting the coronavirus.

This is because people from different counties even those highly affected will be enroute to the village.

Unless it’s really necessary it’s advisable for people to stay withing their locality.

Remember to wear your mask, sanitize,and maintain social distance.

After all you can gerrit, I can gerrit, anyone can gerrit. Kama huniamini uliza Mutahi Kagwe.