It is interesting to read how people cope when they break up with the person they thought was the love of their lives.

Their soul mate.

Their banana-sugar-raspberry-honey-bun.

I came along a post where Nairobians were giving their views on how break ups are conducted in this era of social media.

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Here are 50 interesting ways that city folk deal with their exes online.

  1. I can’t block him???? he must see how happy I am without his silly a**????????????.
  2. I blocked him because he called me stupid but he argued wrongly and wasn’t ready to apologize.
  3. He started liking my pics at night.
  4.  He wouldn’t stop sending messages and preaching forgiveness.
  5. I blocked him because he was tormenting me and monitoring my life.
  6. He was monitoring my every move.????????…but I later unblocked him to enjoy the show.
  7. I blocked him because I had to move on.
  8. I chose not to block her cuz my current gf told me it wasn’t worth it.
  9. No mb for unwanted peeps on my ig???????? I think a peep costs 1mb or there about????
  10. So he never sees my updates……not even sure he cares.
  11. I didn’t block mine, no need..I was completely done with her crazy, OCD, dramatic black ass. ????????
  12. Blocking is my hobby, that nigga is an emotional idiot. With a CIA Monitoring spirit
  13. I didn’t! He needs to stay there and see me happy without him and also follow my process of doing better than him (cos he goes about spreading negativity about me and hoping no one better than him loves me) I need him to see how much better am doing without his lies, cheating and selfish self.
  14. So he would stop tagging me on ig.
  15. Cos he’s immaturity was making me want to konk myself for having dated such an individual…????????
  16. Cos she tried to re-ignite d passion and it almost worked. Then I realized that she had dumped and betrayed me severally. So I said sayonara **goodbye in Japanese * * * and blocked her.
  17. hahahahaha nigga blocked me first.
  18. No blocks no hard feelings.
  19. Needed to get over him but I will be back soon to unblock him. So he can follow my success story bumper to bumper.
  20. Well i did and that was bcos seeing him with another woman hurts and i certainly cant act like NOTHING happened, abeg am not an actress????.
  21. Lmaooooo he blocked me when he couldn’t contain my progress.
  22. Becos I still care n love him, but dude doesn’t care a bit. So I had to help myself so I didn’t force love where it is not found and gotten.
  23. Lolzzzz, just woke up one morning and realized she was no longer on my friend list after some months.
  24. She was attempting to cock block my destiny…

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  25. He stopped receiving my calls & stopped calling. I decided to do that so I won’t be tempted to call because I still have feelings for him.
  26. He blocked me first so I did same to him, he then unblocked me and was asking me to do the same but I ignored him for ever.
  27. Cos he is no longer relevant in my life.
  28. No need, I don’t even have such strength to go to my settings.
  29.  Cos he pretends to be someone he is not and acts like I’m the one who lost out, but truth be told, good riddance to bad rubbish. NKTEST.
  30. My recent bf didn’t like the fact that he was in touch.
  31. No need of blocking my ex… Dia s dis sweet feeling wen she sees it dt m doin much finer ND better without her… At first I blocked her bcos I felt I needed to just forget abt d past buh den to mk it more interesting… I unblocked her to let her see the better ND finer me…. So in short no need
  32. There’s no reason to block, if they all call my number at some point in time, it will definitely ring. Even if d oldest of then calls I’ll just pick n ask which side of d bed u woke up on. I wait for them calls so I can insult n embarrass d life out of them on phone.
  33. He was always sending me texts on whatsapp, even after I told him to stop, then he moved it to Instagram with tags and forwarding posts to me, that was when I realized that he has low key mental problem so I blocked him????
  34. He’s always preaching on Facebook contrarily to his character and I hate that, that’s hypocrisy….
  35. He asked me to get back together, then posted a picture the girl I was suspecting him with all along ????????.
  36. To avoid stalking and setback ????????.
  37. I don’t block I just unfollow so I don’t see whatever you do with your fucking life on social media.
  38. 4 d monitoring demon I delete shape shap
  39. Exactly why I blocked mine. She was so abusive and insultive.
  40. He is always commenting “Am missing that your ass” on my wall and on all my facebook pictures. And it’s just annoying and stupid.
  41. I was tired of stalking him and crying into my pillow every night.
  42. Cos he posted his pre wedding pictures
  43. Not all exes deserved to be blocked cuz some play a vital role in ur life after d breakup while others deserve d blocking tinx cuz dey re monitoring spirit
  44. I hate to see his face on my TL
  45. Becos he is an example of wat I don’t want in a man.
  46. Abi why did he block me ????????
  47. He became too toxic, childish, to the extent he tagged all guys in my life as exs. Jor at the end, I discovered he was acting his real age.
  48. Because it hurts too much❤. I can’t bear seeing his posts everyday. And also, he’s a piece of sh*t. ????✌
  49. I never blocked my EX, cos I don’t even have an ex.
  50. I didn’t cos I want him to know that life is beautiful with or without him.

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