woman crying.

December is almost here and most ladies are weeping in private over the fact that they did not walk down the aisle as they had planned to.

We have heard men say, ‘Huyo napenda tu kuhave fun nayeye’.

So why would a man decide to date yet you yet refuse to wed you? Here are the reasons why…

1. You are too nice.

I know the bible teaches us to be good, but being too nice is a turn off at times.

You are the kind of girl who never wants to explore something new because we ni msichana wa kanisa, my sister all your friends will get married ukiangalia.

2. You are way too snoopy

You have probably heard the phrase ‘What you don’t know does cannot hurt you’ so why should you go around snooping in your man’s phone.

If you suspect your man is stepping out on you. Ask him. Let him know that his change in behaviour is pointing to a change in the dynamics of your relationship.

Otherwise, acha aende akichoka atarudi.

Apart from unwanted spanking, here are other forms of s@xual harassment

3. You are disrespectful.

If you are constantly telling your man how unsatisfying his mjulubeng is every time you argue then my sister just know utawachwa mataani.

The worst thing you can tell a man is how useless he is between the sheets.

4. You are a kifagio ya jamii kind of girl.

Men are jealous souls and despite the fact that they cheat, they do not like sharing their women with someone else.

That is why a man can easily fall into depression if he finds out you are cheating.

So once a man discovers ‘wewe ni kama mkamba mwenye akikuambia atakupea ata keep promise’ then he will automatically go and settle with ‘Jane Holy Joe’.

5. If you are the ‘parte after parte kind’ of person.

Men love to have fun but they would rather know that the mother of their kids is at home taking care of the family.

So if your job is jumping from club to club from Monday to Sunday, to an extent that the bouncers know you, utabaki umezubaa.

6. If you are poor between the sheets.

Men love an ‘experienced woman in bed’ so if you are the kind of woman who tells your man ‘Nifunike ukimaliza’ my sister he will dump you and marry a ‘more experienced bae in bed’ that you loathe so much.

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