To some ladies dating a man who is a virgin is bonus for the mere fact they are the ones who will teach them everything thing.

But I would rather die and below are my reasons on why dating a male virgin is a NO NO.

  1. They are clueless

They do not know how to arouse a woman, they do not know what a G-spot is or where it is located, wanatafuta ni kama oil wanadrill Turkana.

2. They lack experience

They have never ‘tested’ their tool before that means that some do not even know how to utilize it.

It’s not a surprise to hear a woman say that a man realized his magical moment on her thighs or a man tried to penetrate her elsewhere just because they were not sure which hole is appropriate.

‘My se3uality is no ones business’ Shouts Fena Gitu

I am not saying that you should sleep around to gain experience all I am saying is that experience is important especially during s3x.

3. They lack confidence

Most lack confidence because they do not know what to do, where to touch and what to say.

From sloppy kissing to bad lungula! Things that turn off a woman

4. Most have ‘problems’

Not all but a majority of men who are virgins especially in their 30’s and late 20’s have something to hide.

Some of this men are married or in committed relationship yet day in day out they find excuses so that they don’t have to lay their women.

Most suffer from erectile dysfunctions, Low libido, Impotence, Premature ejaculation and disordered orgasm.

So ladies the next time you want to date a virgin, think twice.

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