Last month Milele FM radio presenter Jalango officiated his union to long time bae Amina Chao to the disappointment of Luo women.

The ladies from the lakeside took to social media to blast the radio host for opting to marry a Taita when they are available for him any day, anytime.

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Well, Luo men have now revealed why most of them would rather die than wed Luo women.

One man said,

‘Luo ladies are very proud and loud and so Luo men cannot marry a fellow man.’

Another added,

‘Most Luo ladies are club hoppers and value things that are of no importance.

They are also not patient with their men that is why the men love to marry outside their tribe.’

Just when you think you,

Luo women demand too much and want expensive lifestyle they even forget to invest, who would want such a woman?

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Another said that they mostly intermarry for peace in the house.

‘Luo men with their huge ego,pride and loud voices cannot marry a woman who has their ego,pride and loud voice over the roof.

That will be like a mad house. That’s why most of them marry outside because they need a chilled woman to bring back sanity in the home.’

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Steve said that the reason why it is a bad idea to marry a Luo is that they thrive on Parte after Parte mantra.

‘One of the most undoing of Luo women is this thing called “osemoke oliel”.

For those who don’t know that’s the other versions of parte after parte after parte.’

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