It’s no longer news to hear of stories where the man of the house has slept with his house girls.

Some even go to the extent of fathering children with them.

For many women who have employed the girls in question this is considered as madharau as they view their house girls as women of a lower class.

That however is not the case as some of these girls are very learned and are only doing such jobs due to unavoidable circumstances.

The big question is what attracts men to sleep with their house helps.

Below are some of the reasons

1. Nyege

That is the number one reason. Just the sheer lust of wanting to lay that woman and ‘feel’ for themselves what their cookie jar feels like.

2. As an act of revenge

In some instances, the man of the house might decide to sleep with the house help to get back at his wife.

This is especially most noticeable when the wife constantly denies her husband sex for one reason or another.

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3. Thrill chasing

We all know that men love chasing a woman and not the other way round.

In some scenarios, a man may just sleep with his house help for the thrill of it just to see if anaweza patikana.

The idea of them running around with open zips without being caught is orgasmic for them.

Some are so brave that they will even leave their wives in bed, go smash the help and come back to bed.

4. Temptations

We must agree that it’s not always that men are at fault.

In some instances they are tempted over and over again by house helps who want to either get pregnant for them or replace the madam of the house.

One might resist but the truth is if a woman wants to get you to bed she will.

The big question is as a man ukipewa unaweza kataa?

So ladies the next time your man smashes the house help give him time to explain it might be that he was ‘hungry’ na hangekataa.

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