Former Tusker Project Fame reality show judge Hellen Mtawali is inconsolable. She is mourning the death of her only brother, Dan Nyambuga. He is gone too soon and suddenly. His death is not easily explained.

Hellen Mtawali announced the death of her brother yesterday afternoon (March 27) saying, “R.I.P my one and only brother Dan Nyambuga Jared. We loved you but God loved you most. I will miss your jokes bro.”

Hellen Mtawali's brother Dan NyambugaDan was killed in the most painful of ways. He was attending a political meeting on Sunday in Mathare called by Huruma MCA Peter Owere when rival groups disrupted the meeting, violence broke out and Dan was stabbed to death and several others injured.

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The MCA was arrested alongside three others and are currently held at Huruma police station and will be charged on Tuesday (March 28).

Police said they were preparing the charge sheet.

Hellen MtawaliA very bitter Hellen wrote on social media,

“I denounce leaders who sacrifice fellow human beings. I detest a Kenyan leader who still believes in human sacrifice. We want leaders whose hands are clean.”

May he rest in peace.

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