Real men do this, real men don’t do this. Since childhood men have been brought up acting in a specific way so that they can earn themselves the tag men.

This has led to high depression rates especially among men because they can’t express themselves authentically.

Toxic masculinity may cut across both genders but guys are more likely to experience it rampantly as compared to ladies.

In 2019 though, here are some toxic masculinity traits that should already be extinct.

  1. Real men must drink

People are usually raised differently. Some men may come from backgrounds that did not expose them to the consumption of alcohol.

This may, however, be a problem when they hang out with the boys since everybody is drinking apart from them and they may feel less of men.

It is okay not to drink it shouldn’t quantify manhood.

2. Real men do not hold women’s handbags in public

This has been a controversial topic altogether and almost 90% of Kenyan men do not hold their partner’s handbags in public. It is okay to show affection in the best way you know-how. Even if it means holding your partner’s purse in the CBD.

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3. Real men don’t show emotions

Men have been taught to suppress their feelings even when they should be expressing them.

“Real men don’t cry,” they say. Suppressing such feelings may lead to a mental breakdown. It is okay to cry. Men are humans too.

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4. Real men sleep around

Real men do not sleep around. In fact real men settle down with one lady and build a future together.

Body count should never be a way of quantifying men. Society should allow men to live the best way they know how.

5. Real men do not put on loud colors

Shouting colors like pink, green, light blue have been associated with being ladylike.

Even with the current changing trends in 2019, men still feel the need to go through the same stereotype. Colour is colour, as long as it boosts your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. o ahead and shine bright like a diamond.

6. Real men do not have any religious inclination

Being religious is a personal decision that should not be influenced by anyone. There is absolutely no biggy in believing in whatever you believe in. It is a personal decision.

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