Noti Flow

Noti Flow has set the record straight.

Before I even go on, hasn’t she found her self an Alejandro?
So here is the story, her Instagram was full of pictures of her getting all cozy with a certain boy toy and in one post she confessed her love for him.

Digging deeper, we found photos of the two of them on his page and she is the only person he is following on social media.

She, however, woke up ranting so clearly story ilimfikia. Noti Flow wrote a whole paragraph making things clear to her followers on her supposed love story with Dully. Her fury even made her toboa a siri on her upcoming big project.

Noti says she is not dating Dully Melody and that she is with another gorgeous looking mzungu man. Apparently, the stories got to him (real boyfriend) and he is not so happy with the rumours.

Y’all jump into conclusions too fast. Now my boyfriend mad 😔 I would like to put this straight, @dully_melody & I are just very good friends and the pictures we took are from a video shoot we just did. Wasn’t to announce this but had to set sh*t straight before it goes too far. Coz my boyfriend is unhappy with the rumors. The music video will be dropping soon as the world cup is done.

Noti set the records straight and made sure we know the man in charge of keeping her warm this cold July. He looks like those tinder models but he is real guys. As soon as Noti cleared the air, she posted a picture of her real man asking him to forgive her.

Noti Flow

am sorry love . I love you💛

He then commented on the picture with a just but a love heart. Normally one-word answers have a deeper meaning. The guy must really be mad at her and the rumours going around.

The situation actually got serious to a point Dully also had to apologize to the public and to Noti’s bae on the comment section saying:

Nko na imani kila mmoja ameelewa kile kilichopo maana picha za mapenzi hupigwa kwa simu na chumbani wala sio picha za kupigwa na photographer @ailistudios tena parawanja, naombea msamaha yyte aliyefikiria tuko kwa uhusiano kwa mchumba wako,atambue tulikua kwa video shoot and soon baada tu ya final video itakua out…

Andre Duple, Noti’s man is a stylist from Rome. My friends, this guy is one to look at not once and not twice, he is a shnack!

Mapenzi kikohozi! Hayafichi. Meet Noti Flow’s Swahili boy toy

As far as he is concerned, I do not know how Noti convinced him to forgive her because he then put a picture of her on his social media page with a very cute caption calling her sweet and special.

Good morning guys, today I wanted to publish a very different photo from the usual, just as beautiful and special, the photo of my sweet @notiflow 🎼🌻

Meet Andre, the man who is enjoying Noti’s Lolo:

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