He first bought her an expensive phone and ran to social media to flaunt about it.

Since then, fans have been making memes of how Pozze was bragging on social media.

For the second time now, Willy Paul has posted his mother on social media after pressure from fans.

He posted a photo of her and wrote:

“My one and only mother.. I love you so much.. my Salome.. my real heartbeat.. you give me a reason to live.. I work hard because I want to give you the best.. I want you to know that i love you so so so much my Salome. Come rain, Come sun, me and you will never be separated. If it’s a girl that’s gonna make me loose you, then akwende. If it’s money pia iende. If it’s friends pia waende.. I’ll forever be ur son.. I love you.”

willy paul mother 1

Willy Paul Pens Down An Emotional Letter To His Mother After “Neglecting” Her

In 2015, Mpasho spotted the Digiri hit maker with his mother during that year’s groove nomination night. This was after rumour had it that he had neglected his mother who was drowning in poverty in the slums.

Check out more photos of Willy Paul and his mother:


willy paul mother


willy paul mother cover


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willy paul mother