Annitah Raey
Annitah Raey in studio

If a stranger came right to you and asked you to name at least five things you know about radio queen, Annitah Raey I bet these are the kind of stuff you wouldn’t hesitate to mention;

  1. Single mother of two
  2. She is bold and fearless on air
  3. Vivacious
  4. Outspoken
  5. Unsung hero to many women suffering in silence out there.

‘My biggest fear is that I might not find a man to love me,’ radio host Annitah Raey confesses

Well that may be because she has let it known to you without any hustle, and yes you would be absolutely right if you mentioned either of those.

So we caught up with the Sema na Raey mid-morning host who blew our minds after she listed five things we did not know about her and honestly, I am still in awe.

“What do people don’t know about me? One, I am a good cook I’m a really good cook you would be shocked. Two I don’t wear make up at all except when I am going on TV, it’s sticky.” said Annitah.

Three I cry a lot aki I cry even on air that’s a joke. Four I am a hopeless romantic. Prince charming on a horse kinda romance, mimi napenda maua, I love chocolate, I love surprises, cuddling, everything you think you know about me literally is the opposite. I am a mushy mushy kind of person.

The last thing, yes! I write a lot of poems that most probably I don’t get to share and I read a lot. And also one thing that people don’t know about me is I can handle my whiskey.” She added.

Mind blown? Told ya!

Watch the video below.


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