Depression is real. Five days after wishing netizens a merry Christmas, Abiud Maina penned a goodbye post.

Yesterday, photographer Abiud Maina wrote a long winded post on Facebook that was a farewell letter to his friends and family.

Shortly after, he committed suicide.

This news was revealed by his fellow colleague Nick Klaus, on his social media.

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Here is what Abiud wrote on his facebook page.

“2019 Been a tough year , with alot of mixed fortunes but hope and faith still concurs all, those who made it through despite life challenges.
Keep holding on, I met few people struggling with depression and it all changed everything how i see things.

Depression changes u ,you may look the same but everything else is different ,you act differently ,move differently ,you speak differently , everything about you is so different that you forget who you are. Some people aren’t good at asking for help because there’s so used to being the “helper” throughout their life they’ve experience an unbalanced give and take ,so their instinct is usually I””LL figure it out on my own ” the -self reliance is all they’ve ever known.

Speak out this thing is devil !! … It’s keep reminding you about death , it keeps sending signal life is useless!

But to the young they know death is nothing but a rumor, but to the old it’s a promised they’ve have been expecting.

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It has always been said speak ! Out some of us did and those we reached did they best .and one of them is MC Georgez man I celebrate u have been more than a friend ,before we got married we slept together ,eat together ,prayed together in my rocacio u were there I was in yours , in my wedding you were there I was in yours been more than a helpful to me and I know I can count on your anytime.

to the friend I have dissapointed poleni .am also disappointed like you.
Last week was the best week for me I was able to stand before my workmate of 11 years I was able to speak my heart but one thing I learned no one notice my tired eyes , that’s how bad depression is no one can notice depressed people acts ok , but I thank God I got the opportunity to say good bye

Abiud finished off his post with the hashtags: # End of an era
# Depression is real
# pay attention to your friend behavior change

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Here are photos of Abiud before his denise.

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