Caroline Mutoko
Caroline Mutoko

Bullies. Nothing is as despicable as bullying yet the internet has made many people courageous about putting down and denigrating others thanks to the anonymity. These days I do not have to know the person I am bullying nor do I have to care about the ramifications.

But sometimes the victim on the receiving end is stronger than was earlier anticipated. And that is the case with Caroline Mutoko. So when Ethiopians got upset after Caroline Mutoko saw some simple humour in some typos and grammatical errors that had in signs meant to welcome the President Of The United States Barrack Obama:


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And out came the Ethiopian trolls looking to insult and bully Caroline Mutoko. And when I say they hadn’t reckoned on who it was that they were trying to intimidate, you are about to get a taste of the classy response she issued that shut everyone up: