Singer Fena Gitu who is also known as Fenamenal Woman is well known for a signature tomboy style and she rarely switches it up for a girly look.

Yesterday, on April Fools Day, Fena shocked many of her Instagram fans by sharing a picture of herself in a bikini, at a pool.

She posted the picture above and captioned it:

Actual footage of Fena in her natural habitat. Minding her own business.

The “Sema Ng’we” hitmaker went ahead and shared the picture above with the caption:

A good head on my shoulder so @marini.naturals signed me… Again!” For the second year running, it’s an absolute pleasure to be part of this beautiful family. It has been amazing watching the team grow and build together. I cannot wait for all the fun, sexy, dapper projects lined up for 2019, we are literally taking over African Haircare  Thank you, Team Marini, for choosing me again to represent your brand. QUEENING!! 

Fena Gitu ditches her tomboy look for bikinis, the net goes wild

This was all in a bid to promote Marini Natural’s Denri Africa and no doubt, the lass did not fail the brand.

Here is how some of the comments read:

edithkimani wrote: HOLLY F**K!!!!! What in the sexiness is all this drip?! @fenamenal kuanga fair saa zingine. It’s Monday and some of us are trying to stay focused.
@michelle.ntalami and @marini.naturals can we make this a billboard? #kuulizatu.

itspetero jocking said: Mmmmh! Kumbe unakwanga umeficha bidhaa.

ilogosmusic said: Waah utatumaliza.

peshy_pesh said: Sasa Wenye walikua wanasema unataka kuwa boy wataambia watu nini?

donnah__ asked: So you can also be girly wow!

robert_aswani wrote: Ati for the first tym Leo umefungua Server.

ahmekhfatal said: Enyewe ni fools day….mi najua ww ni jamaa.

clementnjeri wrote: Kumbe fena anakuwanga na matiti.

foreverfarydah said: I love that pool! And your edges.