Harmonize and Kajala
Harmonize and Kajala

Beef between Rayvanny and Harmonize is still heating up. The former Wasafi Label colleagues have been fighting over love.

Rayvanny was in love with one Paula. Harmonize on the other hand was dating actress Kajala, Paula’s mother but it turns out that Harmonize was also hitting on Kajala’s daughter.

This got Rayvanny to expose Harmonize for what he termed as ‘Kukula kuku na kifaranga wake’.

In an interview with Wasafi FM, Rayvanny says he never knew why Harmonize was hating on him before it dawned on him that he also wanted Paula

“When he was condemning me saying I am wrong for dating Paula, I didn’t know where the hate came from. I got shocked when I found out he was doing the wrong things.”


“That family is being insulted online just because he hurt them. I expected him to apologize but he went ahead and released a song about it.”

Rayvanny says he isn’t going back and forth with Harmonize to attract attention;

“I don’t need publicty stunts to sell my music, I am loved by my fans. I want to teach him that what he did is wrong and he needs to ask for forgiveness.”

‘Stop the rubbish,’ Father to woman being fought over by Rayvanny and Harmonize speaks

Through his lawyer, Harmonize has vowed to sue Rayvanny and six others for allegedly distributing a video that shows his nakedness.

He however said that the video was merged with someone else body parts to make it look as though it was him.

Harmonize to sue Rayvanny and six others for publicizing his nudes