Things between Tanzanian artiste Rayvanny and his baby Mama Fahyma are not as rosy as it may seem as exposed by Juma Lokole.

Lokole stated that Fahyma had begged for her baby daddy’s forgiveness to a point of being suicidal.

Taking to his social media he wrote

‘Msitutishe nyie …… Najuwa sana Kama fahima umelia weeeee na misamaha kama yote umeomba mpaka kutaka kujiuwa 😂😂😂😂.

kusudi utusutishe wambea 😂😂😂😂 Rayvany njo nikupe mtoto wa kihabeshi umzalishe …… uyo bibiye akauze nazi Tanga 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 coronaaaaaaaaa.’

Rayvanny Fahima

Which loosely translates to

‘Don’t scare us, I know that Fahyma has cried so much and pleaded so much to be forgiven to a point of being suicidal.

Rayvanny come lemmie give you an Ethiopian/Eritrean babe so that you can impregnate her. Let your wife go and hawk coconuts in Tanga. Coronaaaaaa.’He sarcastically wrote

In 2017, the two almost broke the internet with their highly publicized spat over claims she cheated with Ali Kiba’s brother Abdu Kiba.

“Mpende ila usimuamini, mpe ila sio vyote, mtunze ila usimchunge, mpe mwili wako ila usimpe siri zako.

Ata mkojo ulikuwa soda, vitamu ndio vichungu. Keep it in your mind,” he wrote at the time.

Fahyma in response denied the allegations and deleted all photos of him on her page and updated her status to “single mama.”

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Unfazed, Rayvanny followed suit by demanding that she drops her social media moniker “Fahyvanny.”

They rekindled their love after Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) members reportedly intervened.

Lokole is a WCB employee and that might have given him an upper hand in knowing what transpires between Vanny and his wife.

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