Akothee is not happy with Jalang’o.


Just when the whole country was up in arms saying she dressing inappropriately, Jalang’o had his two cents. The discussion was about her walking around in an underwear and just a long t-shirt claiming she is dressed.

Akothee and Maina Kageni
Akothee and Maina Kageni

Jalang’o in his morning show with Alex Mwakideu was very vocal saying she should know the difference between an underwear and a bikini. He was very open saying that he will not be answerable to the Luo community and they also need to change her ‘bhangi’ supplier.

amesumbua akipanaa mti na underwear nikamwambia kuna tofauti kati ya bikini na underwear. alikuwa amevaa underwear jana, as the Luo community tumekataa na tunataka kuchange mtu mwenye anamsupplier bhangi . hii aibu madada na madungu wanasema mtoto wenyu ananipigia dada yako anakuwa mwendawazimu pole pole na mimekubali she is going mad.


Well, this did not sit down well with Akothee. She took to social media a response to Jalang’o telling him if you rattle a snack, be ready to be bitten.

Akothee is basically saying why would you dress in a buibui when swimming?

Anerlisa na Akothee one side! Here is how the two want to help the girl child


If you rattle a snake expect to be bitten, I am coming for your jokes open field, panty and underwear are all the same cousins to bikini, if you have a pool you should know these principles, tag the king of women’s underwears 😂😂😂😂😂 LOTTO LINK ON MY BIO

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