Rashid-Abdalla-and-Lulu-Hassan in the office

Rashid Abdalla spoke to us recently during Nandy’s album launch at the Golden Ice Bistro.

The man spoke about his relationship with the Tanzanian singer saying that he was a fan of hers.


He also added that she is a role model who is humble, hardworking and values her fans by giving them music that they like.

He also spoke about his on-air relationship with his lovely wife, Lulu Hassan, something that intrigues many, including yours truly!

He said:

It is always nice when you are working with your best friend. She is my best friend and understands me more than anyone else, apart from my mom. I am having fun because I have been working with her before even marrying her and after marriage.

Lulu Hassan
Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid

He added that they are still working behind the scenes, something many of their fans might not see and even at those times, they enjoy themselves.

And what happens when the two have a tiff at home?

I think the best advice kwa watu wote wanaangalia, ni kwamba katika uhusiano ukikubali ya kwamba kuna jambo kama kukosana ile relationship haipo. 

The couple together

He said that there should be a difference between disagreeing amicably with your partner and tearing each other apart during a disagreement.

He said any disagreement in a marriage should be an opportunity for growth and helping each other. He finished off by saying that that is how he has been operating his successful marriage with his wife Lulu.

Lulu Hassan and Abdallah Hassan
Lulu Hassan and Abdallah Hassan

And you can see the proof of their method, as the two have been together for close to 11 years and have been blessed with 3 kids.

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