While some Kenyan artistes spend big bucks to hire equipment every time they want to make videos, Kenyan rapper Wangechi is way ahead of the game as she decided to invest in her own.

This has made her cut down on the costs of making a video, with her latest song ‘Sana sana’ only costing her Sh180,000 to make. Making a video can cost anything from Sh200,000 up to millions of shillings.

During an interview with Kiss100 on Wednesday, Wangechi said, she made a smart move by buying her own equipment so all she needs to make a video are lights and the director.

The rapper added that she doesn’t have to pay the director because she rents out her equipment to him and other corporate companies.

Wangechi said she wrote ‘Sana sana’ 12 years ago, but put it on the back burner and finally decided to record it in 2018 and release it in 2019.

A snippet of Sana Sana video 

Wangechi broke down the cost of making the song:

From studio time to making beats, that cost me SH20,000. shooting the video cost me SH130,000, which is the heaviest part of making a song. pushing the song, because marketing is very important, WAS SH15,000 and then moving from one radio station to another and back home i think i can put SH5,000 so a total of ksh180,000.

The young female rapper has also been doing  ‘SoundCloud Sundays’ whereby for a month all she did was drop a song every Sunday which was like a mini album.



Wangechi featured artiste Scar Makadinli who revealed that getting a collabo with Wangechi was no joke.

Scar Mkadinali

Mkadinali was able to collaborate with Wangechi after a long time of trying to seek audience with her. Wangechi confessed that when he sent her his verse, she fell in love with it.

The song is pretty dope, I must say. Not just the audio but the video quality too. Scar Mkadinali promises that after working with Wangeci, he will now be doing more project releases.

Watch ‘Sana Sana below.