Majirani, one of the baddest rappers in Kenya has broken his silence.The Hivo Ndo Kunaendaga hitmaker has gone ham on an aspiring governor Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop well known as Buzeki for using Majirani’s name as a PR stunt for his campaign. Sounds dramatic, right?

The aspiring Eldoret governor is running an easter extravaganza dubbed Buzeki Youth which he is also using as a campaign, criticise but that’s not the problem. According to youth from the town of champions, the governor earlier made a poster which included all the big names in Nairobi and none from Eldoret.

A fan from Eldoret went ahead to criticize Buzeki for the move;
“I came across this poster n I was left wondering …..
1.Buzeki wants to be a Nairobi governor or uasgishu county
2.who advice’s my next governer Lol
3.The poster reads buzeki youths instead of buzeki Nairobi youths
4. When will he ever recognize the big names in ELDORET music industry
5.when will my talented musicians from ELDORET grow ?
6.Are this guys voters in uasgishu county ?after pulling the crowd what next…
…….my last take ….someone somewhere is playing bazokizo with buzeki’s victory or its just another prank that might see the current governor @jacksonmandago retain his seat….those are my thoughts nothing personal”
When the fan pointed out the issue of an Eldoret aspiring governor not including Eldoret youths in his extravaganza, the governor went ahead to add artistes from the place including Majirani.
Well, Majirani has exclusively told Mpasho that he woke up just to find his name on a campaign poster which will be happening tomorrow and surprisingly, he has not received communication from the governor or the organizers of the event.
” I woke up to the news that all the  local musician’s names had been included in fact my name too is on the poster without any official communication…..and the event is tomorrow sad soo sad …Why play public relations with our brands? Why not respect our brands like we respect yours? Who are the organizers? Where do we find you? In short I want to distance myself from the above event until everything is clear…we will be holding a press briefing on the same today evening @eldobliss hotel thank you and goodday”
According to Majirani, the governor is using his good name as a stunt!