Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has come out to defend himself in the wake of accusations that he bought YouTube views for his latest single dubbed Micasa Sucasa.

The song has just hit 1 million views on the video-sharing website and instead of receiving congratulatory messages from Kenyans, Khaligraph is being castigated.

Led by blogger Philip Etemesi, fans called him out for buying views while adding that the song is not as popular as its views seem to suggest.

They also noted that songs such as Bank Otuch by Vicmass Luodollar and Mungu Pekee by Nyashinki were more popular than his song yet the have lesser views.

In a rejoinder, Khaligraph maintained that the views are legitimate saying Micasa Sucasa is his biggest song ever and that nothing of the sort has been done in Kenya.

He went on to joke that now that his secret (of buying views) is out, he will have to buy 5 million views for his next single.

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