Many of you know him as the proud Kenyan gay, entertaining and fitness model Mpenzi Chokuu on social media. But did you know that he hides a lot of scars behind his broad smile?

Mpenzi Chokuu

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Well, Mpenzi Chokuu recently left his followers sympathizing with his after he shared a sad story about his life experience.

Mpenzi Chokuu

The brave gay, who’s based in  Germany, on the 22nd of July, this year revealed that he was raped when he was a young boy.

A time like today, I was raped, insulted and thrown out of my uncle’s house. They laughed at me, the people who I thought were supposed to protect me!.

He is not in good terms with his family after disowning him and he added that;

tHIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS i never want to talk to my family members again! I was ashamed of my body. Hid my depression. Today I am a strong happy survivor and love my natural skin.

Mpenzi Chokuu

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Chokuu, who’s an easy target for trolls revealed that he had developed a thick skin for critics and is no longer bothered with what other people have to say.

This should be enough reason to tell you why I don’t give a single f**k on your negative comments about me. Because am that bitch who got to a point and chose his happiness.

Mpenzi Chokuu Rape

Homosexuals in Kenya face a lot of challenges and renown gay gospel singer George Barasa, aka Joji Baro, has been through a rough time as well.  Joji Baro, who’s HIV positive, was also disowned by his entire family after finding out he was gay, recently relocated to South Africa and he’s happy. In his teenage years, the 27-year-old gay made headlines after he was exposed for having been raped by a Catholic Priest -even though he believes it was just a pederastic relationship.

Joji Baro
Joji Baro

In a past interview with a popular blogger, Joji Baro narrated how his teenage life was messed up, chased away from home and how he picked up himself. Below is an extract if his life story

“I went to Sipala High School where I opened up about my sexuality to the C.U Patron. Then I was in Form 2. After learning that I was gay, the C.U leader reprimanded me sharply and he constituted a battery of teachers, parents and church leaders to come pray for me.

I was offended by the negative reaction my sexuality elicited and with that, I quit Sipala High School.

I then joined St. Paul’s Miluki High School where I entered into a romantic relationship with a Catholic Priest. He was my boyfriend. And I was his girlfriend.

Clandestinely, our gay relationship blossomed before I was publicly outed by a local newspaper in 2011.

Thirsty for a scintillating story, two journalists, accosted me in Bungoma, held a gun to my head, and FORCED me to confess about my gay relationship with the Catholic Priest.

Scared for my life, I admitted that, Yes, I was a lover to a priest.

With the gun still pointed at my head, they asked me to reveal EVERYTHING about the Priest and I. And I did.

Next thing I knew, My story was making headlines. The newspaper had published it.

After reading it, My parents were outraged. My family was revolted. And my whole clan was in pure shock. And because of that, I was rejected by my family, my parents and my people. It crashed my soul.

Again, I quit St.Paul’s Miluki School and came to Nairobi where I engaged in several gay relationships with abandon.

I was depressed,naïve and young. And I was a hot cake for lusty gay men. Most of whom were married.

After my tribulations became too much, I attempted suicide. And the next thing I knew, I woke up at Metropolitan Hospital in Buruburu.

I was treated and tested for various infections.

And on March 11th 2012, Doctors confirmed to me that I was HIV/AIDS positive.

My heart sank. This was becoming too much.

I stayed in the house for weeks; without eating or moving out or even switching on the lights.

But by God’s grace, I overcame the News, grew stronger, accepted my new status and started living life again.

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