H_art the band are those guys who just came into the Industry and shocked us with amazing music becoming our favourites in the process.

They have really been chini ya maji these couple of months and when they came out one of their members, Mordecai, surprised us with a picture he posted on their page of him and a lovely Indian lady with the caption of a beautiful poem.


She thinks I say this to Everyone.
She was the Prettiest Girl I had ever Seen.
Being with her was a mix of everything Spicy:
Random trips to the middle of nowhere,
Tearing down the dance floor –
Picture Billie Jean on Steroids
Senseless phone calls for Senseless hours
I was Sprung. Trampoline.
For once I had found a beautiful someone who over stood me

I know, such a lovely caption, right? Well, with such a caption; I mean you would not write such a lovely message to someone you don’t love or have a “more than just friends” relationship with now would you? I don’t know about you but I would write this to my lover.

‘Ninja Is Sending Weird DM’s To Our Followers!’ – H_art The Band’s Instagram Account Hacked!

H_art the band have not been releasing any music this year but I am hoping they are preparing to bombard us with amazing music and poetry soon because the year is still fresh.