Steve Mbogo who vied unsuccessfully for the Starehe parliamentary constituency seat is once again trending for all the wrong reasons.

Yesterday, DCI detectives recovered Range Rover from him for evading duty and fraudulently obtaining number plates.

Steve Mbogo
The businessman’s Range Rover

DCI took to Twiiter to expose Steve Mbogo and he shared photos of his flashy Range Rover, accompanied by a tough message wgich read:

@DCI_Kenya Detectives have today afternoon recovered a Range Rover from Mr. Steve Mbogo for the offence of evading duty and fraudulently obtaining Number Plates. Upon carrying out preliminary investigations, the vehicle number plates were found to belong to a probox.

The flamboyant businessman-cum-politician came out to defend himself and he tweeted saying:

Today I was intercepted by CID officers on claims that my car had fake plates! I bought the car in 2017 and conducted a search from NTSA as below! I have all valid agreements n search results! 

Revolt Kenya: Steve Mbogo out here driving a range rover with probox number plate. issa rangerobox Revolt Kenya: Steve Mbogo out here driving a range rover with probox number plate. issa rangerobox

Probox bearing same numbers plate as Steve Mbogo's Range Rover
Probox bearing same numbers plate as Steve Mbogo’s Range Rover

Andericus Ohato Dude has the swag of a range and humility of a probox. Ama?
Miguna Mikono: DCI is on top of things including on top of top of the range vehicles. Hawa ndio team: work smart work hard Mungu mbele i made my first million selling mandazi at 22. Kumbe magendo ndio biashara yao. Kamata kabisa

Carlasnga: How do kina Steve Mbogo finesse guys? That whole crew comes out as quite dumb to me.
Stardust: If it looks like a Steve Mbogo, fake like a Steve Mbogo, quacks like a Steve Mbogo, then it probably is STEVE MBOGO.
Cyprian Nyakundi Let’s thank the DCI Detectives who did impound Range Rover from flamboyant Politician Mr. Steve Mbogo. It’s believed he evaded tax and acquired the Number Plates fraudulently. The plates were under Toyota Probox and not the sleek ride. Hata zile Prado’s zitatoka mashimoni.

Steve Mbogo

The fearless254 Steve Mbogo is a terrible con man.Remember his 100 Million Dubai man gold scam? The illegal Dusit2 automatic weapon! and a lot of scams. Huyu ndio mlitaka kuelect kama MP!! This guy apelekwe Kamiti pap!

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Kinotijim What.. and the way the dude rolls n balls with pride hapo Karen 🤣🤣

Mathias Ndeta Evading duty plus fraudulent registration, weuh! Wenye Kenya.
Oliver Adeka musiwaone na magari makubwa makubwa mkajidharau! mengi ni mikopo au hela zilizovujwa serikalini!
Davy Ngunjiri From a probox to a range, those are the luckiest numbers ever 🤔
Joe Mnene Yaani one of the ‘richest honourable’ anashindwa to get a number plate
Levis Njoroge Ati probox 😂😂 acha tu nicheke juu sitalia 😭😣😢 Mr Kinoti It’s soo sad that Steve Mbogo will walk just like that despite having all that evidence of crime against him.What if it was an ordinary citizen?? 🤔🤔
MahanRajesh Question 1. Has Mbogo been arrested 2. How do they get Log books and insurance cover for a probox and the car is a Range Rover. 3. Which insurance companies are aiding and abetting this fraud. 4. Is this car stolen or has been imported properly,if so who at the port cleared it

Sammiflava I can’t stop laughing haha a range with a probox number plate😂😂😂😂😭

Shiru Mwangi Living large while not paying taxes & insurance…

William Ombeko Oh. Did the cars commit the offence? So where is the culprit? Did you arrest him?

Cassidyolwal @DCI_Kenya I can’t see Steve Mbogo’s mugshots 😏😏😏😏😏

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