File photo of Kenyan Agriculture CS Willy Bett [C], PS Richard Lesiyampe and Cereal Millers Association Nick. Photo / The Star Kenya
File photo of Kenyan Agriculture CS Willy Bett [C], PS Richard Lesiyampe and Cereal Millers Association Nick. Photo / The Star Kenya

Election season! We’ve had a lot to deal with since August as Kenyans and its not difficult to see that there have been some difficult consequences. Yes, political and economical consequences. Right then, so which are the most difficult jobs in Kenya right now?

  1. Nakumatt CEO. The company is going through a rough patch. It’s simply not easy being in Sh30 Billion debt and then you’re caught in between people not spending. How do you bounce back from massive losses and taking a big hit in customer loyalty?
  2. IEBC CEO. Imagine having an election nullified and having to conduct another in less than two months. Damn. He must be having nightmares. UPDATE: He took 3 weeks leave just days before the election. That’s how tough things are at the top of IEBC.
  3. Head of Zuku customer care. If you’re a Nairobian especially, Zuku’s recent challenges over the past 6 months this has probably affected you. Let’s be honest, it’s not their fault sometimes but then again, we’ve become impatient and we go hard especially on social media. Do I really need to comment further on how hard it must be fighting these fires?
  4. Accountant at National treasury. I feel for tenderpreneurs because I found myself in those shoes. You literally are crying daily. Hakuna pesa! No money yet you took a loan and did your work. Ulifanya kazi. You are the true victims of “Ngoja tuone vile elections zitaenda”. The accountants at the treasury are probably at work in hiding.
  5. Paperbag company CEO. Right after the elections, the plastic paperbag ban came into effect. The flying toilet segment was experiencing profits and now those wings to fly have been clipped. You have millions worth of stock and they are worthless. How do you make money in this position? What’s the innovation? Also, if plastic paperbags have been banned, why are hawkers still selling crisps on the highway?
  6. Unga supplier in Western Kenya. The prices are dancing. The customers are not.
  7. University of Nairobi administration. This is another tough one. The decisions to make are difficult given the political climate and unpredictable nature of students. Can you imagine the number of students who are idling at home and won’t graduate because there aren’t any classes going on? Even worse, imagine not making money from fees collection from the lecturers strike earlier this year? Tough gong!
  8. Kenya power emergency hotline. You knew this one was coming. Quick question; What’s the correlation between rain and no electricity? I fail to understand. It fatigues me!! Kukinyesha kuna traffic na hakina stima. I often end up telling myself “Wacha tuu nioge na maji ya mvua juu hakina maji moto kwa shower”
  9. Any HR manager. There will seldom be end year parties in companies this year. HR managers are actually grappling with the prospect of lay-offs. There probably will also be very few bonuses because companies aren’t making as much money. Usually, HR managers bear the brunt of unhappy employees.
  10. Postmaster General. So, when was the last time you sent a letter through the post? What goes in the post nowadays? Even exam success cards have become digital. Unless you’re very creative and innovative, this one’s a hard job to have.

Any other jobs that Kenyans probably don’t want right now?