If you haven’t yet watched “Short and Sweet” by Sauti Sol and Nyashinski, you can be forgiven …but only up to Friday this week. The video was released on Monday 22 May in the evening a few days after the song was launched on the Songa by Safaricom app. It’s a great song, in my opinion. However, the video has a lady wearing a stripped jumpsuit that will make it trend for days!!!

Initially, I thought I was alone noticing this lady so I watched the video and kept quiet. My amazement was neither short nor sweet. That’s why I watched the video about four times.

Today, I got on to social media to catch the latest in news and entertainment and I see most men talking about her. Eish!

Having taken the trouble to cut the part that will definitely be most watched, allow me to share with you.

You’ve seen her? Guys, please don’t burn with lust. Ladies, please don’t be filled with jealousy. That’s not my intention …and hopefully, this will not be a stumbling block to anyone who is weak.

Obviously, some of you are predictably stuck on watching the GIF above. You cannot be blamed. The lady has been appreciated as a great dancer and she killed it! No wonder she was dancing with Nyashinski on the stairs in the video.

By the way fam, if you know her or if you can help us find her, please tell her mpasho.co.ke is looking for her. She needs to be interviewed and we might buy you lunch! A number of ladies here also want to own that stripped jumpsuit …where can they get it?

Meanwhile, here’s the full video if you please. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa!