“Sweetie…. Ati ulisema freekick ni nini?” If you’re an avid World Cup fan and you have a girlfriend/wife you can relate to the above questions. Before the World Cup began, bae never cared about football. In fact, she would always ask “Kwani hii Arsenal unaipenda kuniliko?” (The honest answer….. is yes…. Ozil baana).

All of a sudden, you’re now experiencing the emotional roller-coaster of soccer nights together. I’m not the only one whose bum is digging craters on the sofa whenever VAR is called in to play.

“Hun… Hii VAR inamaanisha nini?”

“View Anything in Rewind” I reply.

The thing about your bae starting to watch football is that you have to respond to the same questions over and over again. You have to start teaching her about how football works. Depending on how you do it, you can either make or break your relationship.

As a result of getting tired of these many questions and queries, we have decided to help all the men out there by creating a rule sheet which you can all print and hand over to your girl whenever the many questions are asked. These will especially come in handy now that the semi-finals are here with us and most Kenyan women are supporting France.

  1. Free Kick – This happens sometimes when you commit a foul, you get penalized with a Free Kick. If you want more money, avoid a free kick
  2. Counter attack – After the game, footballers go to the bar and attack the counter. The younger you are, the more the counter attacks you are expected to be involved in.
  3. Referee – The person who gives you a recommendation when you intend to join a new team.
  4. DM – This is a footballer who is particularly good at social media use. Ngolo Kante is the best because he has intercepted many girls in his DM
  5. Hazard – Any player that scores a goal. “Huyo ni Mbappe amefunga hio own goal babe?” “Eeh…”
  6. Maradona – The person in charge of parties at World Cups
  7. Draw – The team with the better artistic skills gets to win the game
  8. Belgium – The name of any team that wins the game
  9. Full time – When the players leave the game for a food break
  10. Linesman – The guy responsible for drawing the lines on the pitch. “Aki babe… hawa linesmen wanachora pitch vipoa”

Now strangely, these events can all happen together in one game. How would you feel if Lukaku hit the woodwork and Belgium lost? What if both Kane and Modrić scored then both teams draw at the semi’s and went to extra time? This is the unpredictability of World Cup.

What if I told you that you’d be able to place a bet on each of these events and win?

Actually, Nairobians are crazy about it right now with the World Cup. Heard of JengaBet? It’s is an enhanced product by SportPesa which allows you to customize your bet by making multiple predictions on the same game.

For example, in a game between Everton and Swansea, you can predict that Everton will win, both teams will score, over 2.5 goals will be scored and Wayne Rooney will be the first player to score in the game.

Great thing about Jenga Bet is that there is no limit to the number of predictions you can make per game. The maximum total odds of one Jenga bet is 1000. However, you have to have at least 2 predictions.

Jenga bet is currently available on the SportPesa website. The link — www.sportpesa.com/jenga_bets

How do you play JengaBet?
  1. Open the SportPesa website and Click on the ‘JENGA BET’ option at the top of the page. The matches with Jenga Bet option for the day will be listed.
  2. Click on ‘Create Jenga Bet to build your customized bet by making multiple predictions for the same game e.g. in a game between Everton and Swansea, you can predict that Everton will win, both teams will score, over 2.5 goals will be scored and Wayne Rooney will be the first player to score in the game.
  3. Once you have selected all your predictions for the game, click the green button at the bottom of the box and you will be directed to your bet slip. At the bottom of your bet slip, input the amount you wish to bet and click on Place Bet.
    Congratulations – you have placed your first Jenga bet! Your bet will be displayed in the Bet History Tab of the website.
  4. Alternatively, you can click on the plus (+) option to view popular Jenga Bets placed by other customers. If you wish to make a similar bet, click on the desired option and the bet is added to your bet slip.

Make it count! enjoy the world cup and build your own game today. That’s JengaBet for you