Kenyan rapper Rajville is making big moves after landing a lucrative deal with Supa loaf. He joins the likes of DJ Mo who also works with Broadways.

Raj who is best known for his hit song ‘Ngina’ is setting the bar high for other artistes who might still be apprehensive on working with corporate companies.

The rapper caught the attention of Kenyans when he wrote a song dedicated to Ngina Kenyatta.

He had every intention of taking her to Kisii but hizo ni hekaya za abunuasi as he has now relocated to Nairobi.

Ifikie Ngina Kenyatta: Rapper Raj plans to take Uhuru’s daughter to Kisii

Many might have assumed that his was just a PR stunt but it was not, boy was in love.

In October 2018, Raj turned down an offer by renowned Sony Music Label a chance many would sell their soul for.

‘In Oct 2018, Sony Music Africa contacted us to sign me.

I wont reveal the price but I consulted; friends, family, music creatives, close media associates etc & I turned them down to focus on making MB the next Sony Music of Africa.

Please support me and lets freaking do it.’Raj penned

Well turning down the offer has been a blessing in disguise as he is currently setting the pace among Kenyan entertainers with his latest jam ‘See’.

‘I have moved on,’ Rapper Rajville on life after Ngina Kenyatta hit song

Maybe it’s time Baba Ngina considered giving out Ngina to Raj for marriage, she wouldn’t starve with all the bananas in Kisii.

Plus he knows how to hustle, what more would Baba Ngina want in a son-in-law?

Check out  his latest jam below

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