I am actually firmly in the Otile Brown camp on this one. You see, in business, there are peak seasons and low seasons. Sometimes things go so well your coffers experience a glut and other times things dry out.

Kenyans Saitama Sensei

And as the meme so aptly put it, Otile Brown is currently on a low wave. Or rather, his wave has crushed into the beach. He recently announced a split from his management team and from the look of things, he hadn’t really thought through everything.

EXCLUSIVE!!! Otile Brown And Dr.Eddie Throw Shade At Each Other, Alidumpiwa Bila Notice

Why do I say so you ask? A video vixen by the name Soila Cole has come out to accuse him of being a broke bum. He apparently had a video shoot with some hot lasses and he couldnae pay them. When cornered and asked for payment, what he told them was:

“Nitatuma Mpesa!”

That was when the lass went crazy. She didn’t want to hear all his stories, all she knew was that her time had been wasted and seeing as time is money, Otile Brown owed her for the disservice.

excited baby lol

From the screenshots that were availed to us, it is clear to see Ms. Soila Cole wasn’t for the bullshit. All Otile Brown’s pleas and explanations fell on deaf ears.
She even went as far as to send him an article done by some blog about his recent fall out with Dr. Eddie and that wasn’t even the most disrespectful bit of the exchange:

Otile Brown being shamed

So last Friday otile brown calls me for a video shoot… during the shoot I noticed he is being fishy when the production guys tell him to fuel the cars so as to go to the next location… he starts making calls.. so I tell him I need my cash before we go to the other scene then he started with the all nitakutumia stuff so I didn’t even finish the shoot I walked out and left and asked him to pay me for wasting my time which he hasn’t