Raila Odinga is one of the most powerful politicians in the country. Having been born into a political dynasty, Jakom, as he is popularly known has always been on the forefront; fighting corruption amongst other issues affecting the country. The opposition leader is currently campaigning round the clock so as to get as many voters as possible to vote for him in the upcoming 2017 general election.

Well, being married to one of the most respected, powerful and admired woman in the world Ida Odinga, Raila is truly a lucky man. His wife Ida is his greatest supporter and inspiration and is always there for him despite what. The power couple, who were blessed with four children (but one; Fidel Odinga passed away early last year), have been married for over 42 years.

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Ida who also plays a key role in campaigning for the girl child in Kenya, has managed to gain millions of supporters across the globe thanks to her great personality. Mama Ida who prefers a low profile away from the public eye is not only a good wife and leader, but also a loving and caring mother to her family. And if you watched her interview last year, you can recall how emotional she was, especially whenever she talked about the late Fidel.

Arguably the best couple in Kenya, Raila and Ida always lead by example. Jakom is never afraid of showing his affection to his wife, even in public. Unlike most politicians who do not show off their families in public, Raila is extremely proud of his. Well, yesterday while celebrating Ida’s birthday; Raila Odinga penned down a heartwarming message to his better half that has left many mesmerized.

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He is madly in love with Ida even after having been together for more than four decades.