If someone said they would love to see my father assassinated, I would not be civil with them. Not one bit. That would be end of civility as I know it. All modes of decorum forgotten, I would go all, angry-PMSing-gorilla on them.

As you all know, Gatundu MP Moses Kuria was recorded giving a speech to a huge gathering of people where he allegedly called for the “assassination” of Cord leader Raila Odinga. His supporters saw red.

Read what Babu Owino told Moses Kuria.

Raila Is Not Your Mother’s Boyfriend!’ SONU’s Babu Owino Issues A Stern Warning To Moses Kuria (VIDEO)

In response to this Raila’s only son remaining son, Junior told Moses Kuria,

“‘We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families.’ PHILIP GOUREVITCH.

I”d like to buy Moses Kuria that book. And Pay for his return air ticket to the genocide memorial in Kigali… Ask him to send me his preferred travel dates and to act like a leader for once. Every time Moses Kuria trends national unity depreciates a little more.”

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In a recent post Raila Odinga Junior took the church clergy to task for not speaking out against Moses Kuria’s utterances.

“Even as we blame Moses Kuria, let’s ask ourselves what sort of congregation that was, that none of them has come out to publicly condemn what was said in their presence. Apparently there were religious leaders from various denominations. Dear Cardinal John Njue, there were also Catholic priests present in that congregation.”

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