Raila Jnr and Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has opened a can of worms.

The petite figured socialite who has followers from different tribes and races made derogatory remarks about NASA supporters who have been the main target of demonstrations.

Huddah Monroe took to Snapchat to rant about NASA demonstrators saying that they don’t deserve to be mourned in case they die during the demonstrations.


Huddah Monroe


Huddah Monroe


Huddah Monroe


Huddah Monroe


Huddah Monroe



Huddah Monroe



Huddah Monroe

Check out reactions from social media

Lloyd: Huddah we know you are the leader of Koinange Business Community and your business is hurting.When are you addressing press?

Cliff: Beauty without brains very useless. It’s like a public holiday on a Saturday

Moraa: She is attention seeker all she wants is fame like Sauti Sol’s 🙄 this crazy 😜…. but I wonder why is she concerned with the dead 💀 ones????

Irene: What does Huddah know about demonstrations. Her p**y been demonstrating from each and every continent.

Cellestine: The level of her intelligence makes me wonder about her being a businesswoman.. akili ndogo sana

ctrl2015: stupid idiot should stick to selling pussy. her business is not carried out in the streets but behind closed doors, can she mind her shit in peace ✌✌

Kate: She is so evil to wish death on somebody, Uhuru Kenyatta is her tribe, and Raila Odinga is Luo, it hurts me to see a gang in police uniform killing innocent people

Well, Raila Odinga Jnr son to NASA flagbearer has responded to Huddah Monroe with a photo they took together sometimes back.

Raila Jnr

He went ahead to share photos of him and his wife, Yvonne Kibukosya,  who is from the Kikuyu tribe.

Raila Jnr

This clearly shows that Raila Jnr is not tribalistic.

Raila Jnr
From L-R: Raila Jnr, PM Raila Odinga and Yvonne Kibukosya (Jnr’s wife)

And just, as they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.