Rosemary Odinga's birthday

Rosemary Odinga, the silent member in the Odinga family celebrated her 41st birthday in a private party attended by some of Kenya’s bigwigs.

The party which was cowboy themed had everyone try their best to match up to the theme and they all looked good.

Raila Odinga and Ida Odinga are proud parents to their second-born daughter who has tried to make the best of herself in her career. Her career choice is extremely rare for a Kenyan as she grows snails so she can sell them.

Rosemary Odinga's birthday

Well, away from her busy life, she can also hold down a party and you can read all about it here:

Royal birthday! Here is how Rosemary Odinga’s lavish birthday went down (Photos)

Rosemary’s parents had a lot to say as they remembered the day she was born.
According to Raila Odinga, Ida insisted on going early to the hospital and he had to go with the flow because she was the patient after all.
Rosemary Odinga's birthday
Ida said that Raila was not there in the hospital. It was a Saturday where Gor Mahia was playing -we all know how much of a Gor Mahia fan Raila is- and when he came back, Rosemary had already been born.

Rosemary Odinga's birthday

you know what he did, it was on a Saturday, and Gor Mahia were playing. He dropped me in the hospital to go watch Gor Mahia when he came back Rosemary was born.

Raila denies that gospel saying that is her gospel. The truth is he was around, zururaing he says.

Rosemary Odinga's birthday

I dropped Ida in the hospital, I didn’t go very far, because you know when the wife is in labor, the husband is also in labor so I was just zururaring around.

All in all, the two were blessed with a beautiful baby in Rosemary.
Watch the Raila’s speech below: