Raila Junior
Raila Junior with his father

Raila Junior spoke to Mpasho.co.ke this week and shared some information concerning his dearly departed brother Fidel Odinga.

Fidel Odinga
The late Fidel Odinga

We asked him what he would have like to tell his older brother who had died in 2015. He responded:

The biggest thing I would love to share is the continuation of family. My brother passed away before my son was born, way before my son was born. So he never got to meet my son. For me, those are things that I always regret cause I know you would be such a loving uncle, a very loving uncle to my son.

The late Fidel Odinga with his family
Fidel Odinga with his family

He added ruefully:

Whenever I think about it, I would have loved that chance to have the interaction between him and my son. That is the thing I miss the most. 

Raila Junior
Raila Junior

Fidel was found dead on January 4, 2015, at his home in Karen, Nairobi after a night out with friends. He was the eldest son in a family of four children Rosemary, Raila Junior and Winnie.


Apart from speaking about his brother, Raila Junior also spoke about himself. The son of political icon Raila Odinga described himself as humble, joyful and God-fearing.

He also divulged that the first job he ever got was as an accountant in an aviation company. He explained his tasks there saying:

Bookkeeping, petty cash, vitu ndogo ndogo, just making sure things are o.k.

Raila Junior
Raila Junior with Shaffie

He revealed that he was paid 10,000 shillings at the time and said that had been a huge amount of money for him.

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