By now you probably know that Thursdays are just meant for throwback photos.

It gives us a glimpse into our Kenyan celebrities’ lives and where they started from.

The photos also go on to encourage others that everything in life is a journey and that the celebrities did not just wake up with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Going by Simon Kabu’s photos he has earned the title millionaire from a child who used to walk barefoot to school.

‘I have cancer, please grant me pekejeng,’ Fan begs Kamene Goro

He did many menial jobs that some would consider demeaning to be able to achieve his dreams and going by his flashy lifestyle everything was worth it.

Kabu- mpasho
Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu in a past photo

Below are some of Bonfire Adventures boss Simon Kabu that proves hard work can get you to where you want to be.

Kabu Simon and a friend
Simon Kabu

Sarah Cohen writes to Chiromo Mortuary opposing release of his body

Simon Kabu #TBT
Simon Kabu in a past photo studying in a library
Simon Kabu

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